Saturday, January 15, 2011

New props and furniture

Sofia shows off my new props - found at Michaels:

Wooden easels with mini stretched canvas - come in packs of two for $5. Brush not included.

Decorative ceramic plates in a variety of designs for $1 each. I chose my three favorite patterns, but there were more. All in brown or green or orange:

I couldn't pass them up! :p  

I also want to show off my new (or newly finished) furniture from my very talented sister. First, my two sets of twins show off the bench I purchased at Hobby Lobby several years ago, which has now been stained a deep mahogany, and varnished. Snow-White and Rose-Red are also wearing two of my favorite gowns, by Tonner and Ashton-Drake, respectively:

Amyera and Milana model two of my favorite coats, both by Tonner:

Next, two lovely ladies show off not only my new trunk that my sister carved, painted, and stained, but also two of my favorite factory dresses, which were both gifts from the Prego Secret Swap in the last two years.

Niobe is probably never taking off this dress (by Tonner), from Sue in IN:

And Brianna loves her dress (also by
Tonner), from Q:

How about a close-up of my sister's awesome carving skills:

Told you she was talented!  She also carved and stained my lotus dresser, you may recall.  

And just for fun to show off the inside, Nandini in a gorgeous dress by GinO:  


This trunk will also come in quite handy to store all my new props!   

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