Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year I dressed six dolls (well, five and a half :p) in Halloween costumes. 

Amaya the spy:

(Sunglasses and coat
by Tonner, shoes by Kingstate)

Rose-Red the dominatrix:

(Shoes by Kingstate, necklace and pants by unknown)

Amyera the beautiful bride:

(Bodice by Tonner
, necklace and skirt by unknown)

Ella as a Geisha:

Marisol the fairy:

And last but not least, Urklegrue - the headless ballerina:

(Outfit by Tonner)

And a group shot:

Happy Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New ballet doll - Marisol

I've actually had her for over a month, but I hadn't taken any pics of her before tonight. For shame! So here is the lovely Marisol:

This outfit was inspired by a dress that I'd seen pictures of the Jamieshow Sun doll wearing. I thought it had a very balletic look.

The mask was just for fun. 

She's en pointe without shoes (which I do NOT recommend trying at home! :p) because I haven't made her any yet. That's an upcoming project.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another new dress for Djali

This girl is going to send me to the poorhouse! But, knowing how good she looks in red, I couldn't really pass up the red Titanic gown from Franklin Mint's Rose. (Thanks again, Robyn in WA!) And you have to admit she wears it well:

I love what the shadows are doing in this pic.

"Rose who? Honey, this dress was made for me."

It's really hard to argue with her. 

She certainly knows she looks good!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A dolly makeover!

Ella (Seventeen) was only the second big Tonner gal that I ever bought. I sent her out recently to have some work done, and well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.



Karin of Cloud 9 did the reroot and body swap for me, and Laurie Lenz did the eye enhancement. Oh! I also have Tex Bex to thank for selling me the new Teen body! One of my favorite dolls now has new life thanks to these three lovely ladies. :)

More pics!


This is about as tame as I could ever get her hair to be. And it was so thin that I could see through to the scalp in the back. Poor Ella. :(


Now her hair is so long and straight and smooth... I love it!


I loved her sweet expression and neutral makeup, and I wanted her to retain her youthful look.


I asked Laurie to give her green eyes instead of blue, and this is the result! It was exactly as I had imagined, and she looks so much more alive now! 


It was very difficult to get her to pose naturally.


So much better!

I've been making her do a bunch of poses she couldn't do before - but I don't hear any complaints!  In fact, I think she looks more like she's smiling, now. Could be just my imagination... what do you think?