Friday, November 12, 2010

Introducing Sofia

This girl was my prize in the Tonner Direct Facebook raffle for the Halloween convention, and I finally got her tonight! (UPS had been trying to deliver her to the wrong building for three days, because the wrong address was on the box! :p) I've named her Sofia, because she vaguely reminds me of Penelope Cruz, so I wanted a Spanish-sounding name.

Here she is, right out of the box:

She requested shoes before we even got around to changing her clothes - my kind of girl!

Then we tried on a few outfits:


I like this one the best:  


Just for fun, I put this long skirt on under the short dress:  

This outfit came out looking red in all the pics, but it's actually hot pink:

I'm very pleased with her, and I think she looks much better in person than in the picture on the Tonner website. She's really quite a beautiful doll.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dolls in the fall

I didn't want to miss out on the gorgeous colors on the trees, and it's been so nice out!  So yesterday morning I took half an hour and spent some time with a few of my girls, out-of-doors.  I think the results are quite stunning. 





Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Queen of Death goes traveling

Everything she touches dies...

She always travels alone.

It's getting cold.

But she's the Queen! She's independent!

Queens aren't allowed to be lonely.

Illeya as Queen of Death

I know Halloween is over, but I thought I'd take a few pics of Illeya in her original outfit (Death Becomes Her) before I shipped it off to its new owner. I had immediately undressed her when she arrived, and didn't even put her shoes and jewelry on! But then I put her outfit on two other dolls, so I thought it would be unfair if I didn't put it back on the girl it came with. :p  

Anyway, I had fun setting up this little display, and Illeya had fun pretending to be Queen of Death. I purposefully left the white balance setting on my camera at "incandescent" rather than "daylight," for an ethereal effect.

Queen of Death, sitting on her throne:

Be careful; don't make her angry!

Being Queen is exhausting work:

At least she looks good doing it:

It really is a great outfit, and I'm glad it was already sold by the time I took these pictures, or I might have decided to keep it, after all!  But I decided I would rather give one of my older girls a new bending wrist body, so it had to go.  I'm just glad I took these pictures.  :) 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

About time Illeya got some attention!

I've had this girl for almost a month, and she's been sadly neglected! So tonight I finally got around to giving her a photoshoot:

I removed the paint splotches from her face, and gave her hair a slight trim.

I wasn't sure how she would look redressed, but I'd say she owns this Gene dress!


Shoes by Tonner

And I think Djali's not the only diva in town, anymore.

Red is definitely her color, but I thought I'd try something else:

She's very different from all my other dolls, with her pale skin tone, haunting makeup, and fierce expression. But I think she's gorgeous, and definitely a keeper!