Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feels like summer!

I celebrated the warm weather today by doing an outdoor photo shoot of two new styles of shoes I've been working on lately.  They're really getting me in a summer mood!  Both styles will be available to purchase at my website shortly.  

First, we have cork wedges: 


Next, espadrilles:

I also have plans for flat styles using cork and rope soles, so stay tuned! Also, summer shoes coming for men!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Make your own doll hangers - Part 2

Guess what I bought today? Socks!  :p  Five pairs, to be exact, just so I could get five more of these:

I'm kidding; I actually needed new socks! But I also wanted to expand on my previous post about full-body hangers. So today I'm making my own!

First I traced around one of Tonner's clear plastic hangers:

And then placed two of my homemade hangers over the "shoulders" and "hips" and traced around those:

I've found that 4" at the shoulders and 3" at the hips will keep most garments from slipping off.

I then folded the paper in half and cut out my pattern so it would be even on both sides:

Then I traced around the pattern on my clear plastic and cut out two pieces. I taped them together at the top, to hold the hook in place:

And finally, here it is hanging up! You can see how well it holds even a one-shoulder top and skirt:

As opposed to Tonner's full-body hanger:


Here is my pattern, so you can make your own:

Hope this was useful!