Friday, March 19, 2010

My new girl - Emphatic Antoinette!

I've been wanting to get this girl for a long time, and now here she is! I've named her Djali, and to me she is a gypsy diva. She certainly has personality! She was most displeased when she discovered that I had no clothing prepared specifically for her. (She doesn't realize she's my first Antoinette.) I let her browse through my other girls' clothes, and she immediately snatched up Rose-Red's gown, declaring red to be HER color. I really can't argue with her on that:


I'm just glad Rose didn't catch her wearing it. :p (It was rather roomy in the chest, but she didn't seem to mind too much.)

Next she chose a couple pieces from my Chocolate Chic collection:

Her posture would do Julie Andrews proud.

I wasn't sure how well I would like her hands, before she arrived. But I love them! So expressive and graceful:

I took some pics of her hairstyle, too. I brightened them slightly, to show the detail:

I picked out this outfit, also from Chocolate Chic separates:

She didn't like it.  "These colors don't suit me AT ALL."

She demanded an outfit that didn't have to be pinned in back, but as I've only sewn for the busty Tyler body I didn't have much to offer her:

She seemed slightly happier in this simple elastic-top sheath dress. Of course I have no shoes that fit her feet, either. I expect to be busy working for several days (or weeks) to please this unhappy diva.

Finally I remembered the jewelry stash, and she was immediately comforted by the thought that everything there would fit her, at least:
"I told you red is my color."

"This is all lovely, but I do prefer more color."

"Yes, these will do."

"Perfect! I'll keep these, thank you."

I'm a little afraid to introduce her to the rest of the girls. :p

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar night

My ladies dressed up in their red carpet finery: