Friday, January 7, 2011

A look back at 2010... plus a bit of rambling

Once again, in the past year, I've more than doubled my doll collection. At the beginning of 2009, I had three Tonner dolls. At the beginning of 2010, I had a total of nine. In the last year, I've collected eleven more! I got them all together for a group shot, to ring in 2011:

They are quite an eclectic mix, aren't they? From left to right, we have: Cecelia (Central Park Stroll Sydney), Celeste (Ultra Basic Jac), Illeya (Death Becomes Her), Marguerite (Basic DeeAnna 2009), Niobe (Onyx Antoinette mannequin painted by me), Marisol (Snowflake Ballerina), Djali (Emphatic Antoinette), Sofia (Ultra Basic Daphne), Sayuri (Spring Dance Sayuri on all-white body), Amyera (Ultra Basic Golden Stella), and Milana (Ultra Basic Raven Stella). 

I've added four new skintones (Alabaster, Cameo, Spice and Onyx) and four new body types (Antoinette, DeeAnna, flat feet and small bust) to my collection this year, so by this time I have one of almost everything Tonner has to offer!  I like a wide variety in my dolls.  For example, I now have eight different skintones and thirteen different hair colors among my twenty Tonner dolls.  

I have also decided that I am sorely lacking in man dolls.  I have exactly one, and I never play with him.  A) He's awaiting a makeover that I can't afford yet, and B) He has almost no clothes.  I can easily fix the latter problem, and I have lots of ideas and fabrics set aside for male clothes.  I guess that'll be my New Years resolution.  :p  

I also realized when setting up this group picture that there are a couple of new dolls on my shelf that kind of stick out like two sore thumbs when they're all grouped together like this.  Well, Illeya blends in a little better than I originally thought she would, but Sayuri definitely looks out of place.  Thinking about her, and the fact that now I want at least two more geisha dolls, I came upon a happy solution to both of the above problems.  

Clearly, I need a Doctor Who/David Tennant doll.  And a Tardis.  I mean, The Doctor travels through time and space, right?  So if I had him, suddenly a geisha doll makes sense in my collection.  And I've always wanted to add more historical costumes to my dolls' wardrobe, like Victorian gowns, Medieval and Renaissance dresses, Colonial and Civil War era gowns, etc.  I have rather ambitious dreams.  And if I had a Doctor doll, I wouldn't need to worry about any part of my collection fitting in with any other part.  I can just plug The Doctor into any scene I wish to create, and it'll make sense!  He'll be the glue holding it all together.  Plus David Tennant is just gorgeous.  Ok, time to start saving pennies...  :D