Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just for fun - skin tone comparisons

My last post got me thinking about all the different skin tones of dolls I've collected, so I decided to get one of each of them together for a group shot.

I love comparison shots. :p  

Here's a closer view:

Left to right: Sayuri (Alabaster), Illeya (Cameo), Milana (Pale), Jordan (Tan)

Left to right: Nandini (Caramel/Honey), Djali (Spice), Amaya (Dark), Niobe (Onyx) 

These photos were taken during the day, with flash.  

I love variety in the dolls I collect, and I'm glad that Tonner creates so many different kinds of dolls, so almost everyone can find something that they like.  And he listens to collectors.  People requested an Antoinette doll in the Kagiso (Onyx) skin tone, and he gave us one!  How cool is that? 

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