Sunday, August 22, 2010

Snow-White and Rose-Red

The first time I saw pictures of Platinum and Raven Jane, I knew I had to have them both. They reminded me of the old fairy tale, Snow-White and Rose-Red. So when I got a chance to own them, back in December, I jumped on it! I had to have both of these dolls. One without the other would have been pointless.

So here they are, in custom made gowns, which I designed to suit both their names and personalities. I had scraps of these sheer fabrics that each had a large rose motif, and I designed the dresses to be alike, but just different enough to highlight Snow's softer side versus Rose's sense of drama:

Snow-White's gown features a shoulder drape that can hang two different ways - to hide the beading or to reveal it:

Rose-Red's gown is sprinkled with beads across the tucks and pleats creating the structured, fitted bodice that flows into the free and fluid skirt:

I love when specific dolls inspire me to create one-of-a-kind outfits for them!  These two gowns would never have existed if I hadn't gotten these two lovely ladies. 

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