Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dressing a demanding diva

Anyone else have a doll who is hard to please? Djali is mine. She's my one and only Antoinette, so we went through quite an odyssey when she first arrived, trying to find clothes she could wear. Finally I made her a dress that fit her, exclusively:

And she was happy for a while... but soon grew bored:

She said the dress was cute and all, but it didn't really express her unique style. She needed drama, she said.

So last night I finally made a dress to suit her personality, and she nearly fainted with delight:

And since I used a stretch fabric, this gown will fit all of my regular Tonner girls as well - maybe even DeeAnna! Djali didn't much like that idea, when I mentioned it to her...

"Over my dead body."

I've never met a doll with so much attitude!