Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Illeya as Queen of Death

I know Halloween is over, but I thought I'd take a few pics of Illeya in her original outfit (Death Becomes Her) before I shipped it off to its new owner. I had immediately undressed her when she arrived, and didn't even put her shoes and jewelry on! But then I put her outfit on two other dolls, so I thought it would be unfair if I didn't put it back on the girl it came with. :p  

Anyway, I had fun setting up this little display, and Illeya had fun pretending to be Queen of Death. I purposefully left the white balance setting on my camera at "incandescent" rather than "daylight," for an ethereal effect.

Queen of Death, sitting on her throne:

Be careful; don't make her angry!

Being Queen is exhausting work:

At least she looks good doing it:

It really is a great outfit, and I'm glad it was already sold by the time I took these pictures, or I might have decided to keep it, after all!  But I decided I would rather give one of my older girls a new bending wrist body, so it had to go.  I'm just glad I took these pictures.  :) 

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