Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spotlight on Jane

This is the second Retrospective on 2009 to highlight a doll that I received as a gift from an anonymous friend. Jordan, my gorgeous Fashion Jane, arrived in mid-March along with two lovely Esmés, clothing, jewelry, and shoes - a total surprise! I loved them all immediately, but I must admit that redheads hold a special place in my heart. And her hair was curled by her previous owner, which I love:

Necklace by unknown - received as a gift

Necklace by unknown - purchased secondhand in a large lot of various pieces, gloves by Tonner

Jacket by Tonner

Shoes by Tonner

Pants and jacket by unknown - received as a gift, shoes by Tonner

Pants by unknown - received as a gift

Hair comb by Facets by Marcia, necklace by unknown - received as a gift

Unless otherwise noted, all outfits and accessories were made by me.


  1. Wow--her hair is amazing! I love the curls!

    The clothing is fantastic. I love the purple and mint skirt--it's adorable! And the brown floral period gown is amazing, too!

  2. Thank you! I plan to make more Victorian gowns in the (somewhat) near future. :)