Friday, June 10, 2011

Furniture Favorites

Wow, two months since I last posted! Sorry for the hiatus, but I had been working on my first real mass-production of shoes, for the "Over Ell's Rainbow" doll retreat next week. I'll share images of the special shoes I created for that event after it's over. But here's what 19 miniature shoe boxes looks like:

It was quite a fun project!

Now, on to the subject of this post. TONNERDirect asked Facebook this morning what types of furniture we like, and where we get our doll furniture. So I decided to dedicate a blog post to answering this question. One of my favorite pieces is a chaise lounge-shaped jewelry box, found at Walmart several years ago. I especially like it because my dolls can stand next to it, unsupported by a stand:

It's also good for sitting:

or lounging:

and it can hold multiple dolls:

(I use it a lot!)

I've also gotten several pieces of unfinished wooden doll-sized furniture at places like Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and I'm lucky enough to have a talented sister who carves, paints/stains, and varnishes them for me!

First there's this great bench that I bought many years ago (before I even collected Tonner dolls!) and had forgotten about:

(I made the cushion for it.) I decided I wanted it a darker, richer color. My sister stained and varnished it, and it's so handsome now:

Once again, more than one doll can sit on it:

The chest that Niobe is sitting on in the above picture is another example of my sister's work. This one she carved, as well:

I requested a dragonfly for the design, and she created the exact look I was hoping for! Here's a close-up of the carving:

Last but not least, she also carved the lotus flowers on the drawers, and stained and varnished this adorable dresser for me:

It is one of my very favorite pieces.  Isn't she talented? 


  1. Lovely! I have not decided what furniture I really need, so I keep buying anything that catches my fancy within a very low budget.

    Your brown period outfit is bee you tea full! :)