Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ella in her own gown

I decided I needed more photos of Ella after her makeover, so I put her in her original gown for the first time since she came back home. For comparison, here is how she originally looked, right out of the box:

The picture quality is not great, but I was using my old camera, poor lighting, and a terrible background choice. Anyway, I took her hair down and attempted to straighten it with hot water, which did not work. So here she is after I tried to recreate her original hairstyle:

Which also did not work.  It was clear that she needed a reroot, so I sent her to Karin of
Cloud 9, who was nice enough to switch her head to a new body at the same time. From there Ella traveled to Laurie Lenz, who repainted her eyes from blue to green. All in all, I think it was a vast improvement:

She seems much more alive to me now.

A close-up shot of her sweet face:

I really do love this gown.