Thursday, July 8, 2010

Everybody wants something from me...

After last week's post about the kimono, Amyera is justifiably upset.

Amyera: How come only the raven-haired dolls got to try it on? What do you have against us blondes?

Snow-White: You're new here, honey. I've been here a while. Miss CC has an unnatural prejudice against blonde dolls. I think she had too many Barbies as a child. And everyone knows the redheads are her favorites!

Snow-White: Don't you agree, Cecelia?
Cecelia: I'm more concerned about being in the flat-footed minority, personally. Do you realize I can only wear like, three pairs of shoes in this place? I mean, Hello? Miss CC makes shoes! 

Djali: You think you've got it rough?
Snow-White: Oh here we go.
Djali: At least you guys can wear all the clothes. I only have this one dress! And I'm lacking in the shoe department, as well!

Hey, at least you all have heads...

*all run screaming*

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