Monday, April 12, 2010

Charlotte the ballerina

About a month ago, I bought a Dance Class Emilie doll as a birthday gift for my cousin, who is a dancer. She named her Charlotte.  This is her first Tonner doll, and she informed me that I had created a monster.  :p  I plan to make more ballet costumes for her in the future, but first I decided she needed a selection of tights in different colors. I bought a set of four pairs from Janette1965 on etsy, and played around with them and a couple of swimsuits by Tonner, as well as pieces of Emilie's original outfit.  

Isn't she beautiful?

And quite flexible!

I'm incredibly impressed with the feet the Tonner sculpted for this doll. I forgot to take bare feet pics before I gave her to my cousin.  :p  But the shoes are beautiful, too. 

I made her some legwarmers and a makeshift skirt:

She is just so much fun to photograph!  It was very distracting having her around. :p

I made a quick skirt from a scrap of fabric and some ribbon, and amazingly got her to pose on her stand!

The shoes really are fantastic:

Just a couple more shots.

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