Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am procrastinating on cleaning...

I had started to work on doll shoes again tonight (which I've been doing every night for the past four or five days) but I had to stop because I couldn't find my little bag of tiny rubber bands. These are kind of essential for holding the inner sole of a new shoe to the doll's foot while the glue dries so it holds that shape in the finished shoe. So I started looking for the rubber bands, which seem to have disappeared somewhere amid all the various projects on my worktable.

The obvious solution is to clean off my worktable, which I need to do anyway, but I lost steam and decided to sit at the computer for a while. :p Ended up talking to a couple online friends, and decided to update my blog as long as I'm here. I suppose I should post some pictures of what I've been working on.

I made these two pairs on Saturday, and on Sunday I went shopping and bought ten more colors of the narrow ribbon, which added to the spools I already had in my stash makes a total of twenty-one colors that I can make the first pair in, not counting several color combinations that I came up with, too.

Then I made another pair, first taking a picture of the materials and process:

And of course the finished product:

Then on Monday I made another pair:

I plan to offer all of these styles (and several more that I have in my head) for sale on my website. I am hoping to open my Sales page this weekend, so I need to make more of each style in several different colors. Which means I should get off the computer and find those rubber bands. :p

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